SMii7Y Entertainment

A friend of mine is a very successful Youtube personality currently he has over 1 million subscribers. Being very busy with work he asked me to create a vector drawing for a limited edition T- Shirt that he would sell to his followers. He didn’t exactly know what he wanted, and he asked me to be creative and come up with something he might like. That night I set to work drafting rough sketches that will be included in this piece. The next day we looked over my ideas and we determined that 3 of the ideas I had would be used in future work as the client had come up with a thought of his own. He wanted his avatar (a milk bag) to be placed on an arm chair with a glass of milk beside him. I was unsure of how to place the milk bag in a sitting position at rest, after thinking for a short time I decided I would take a real bag of milk and place it on an arm chair in a sitting position. I photographed the bag under multiple different lighting positions to get the folds and to see how they fall over the form. I then proceeded to draw a vector illustration of the image I took, choosing the one with the best folds. The rest of the drawing was easy, the hardest part was playing around with the proportions of the chair in the drawing to those of the milk bag. The end result being a T- Shirt that was well received by his fans earning him $10,000 total. This is a great example of how designers help our clients through the use of our creative skills.